• July/August 2018

Great customer service reflects positively on our community

Teri Schmidt
Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau

Great customer service is at the core of maintaining a strong visitor industry for our community. When I say that, I don’t mean that we only need to provide great customer service to our visitors. It is equally important that we provide great service to our residents and regular clients. After all, the people who live in our community have the potential to be our strongest advocates!

How can you welcome guests and residents alike? As the world increasingly relies on electronic forms of communication, we need to be intentional about leveraging our human interactions.

we need to be intentional about leveraging our human interactions

I recently read a great article on the importance and impact of positive customer service. It was written by Leandra Nisbet, a consultant and owner of Stingray Advisory Group LLC. She asserts that positive customer service hinges on how well you execute three elements:

1. Say what you mean and mean what you say

2. Be reliable

3. Create memorable, personal experiences

In my opinion, the first two elements are building blocks that can help us do the third. If we are honest and follow through on what we say we will do, we have taken the first step toward creating a memorable experience. Then, we just need to look for ways to make the interaction special for each individual.

When a visitor comes to Sioux Falls, they might experience beautiful Falls Park, spend an evening walking the SculptureWalk downtown, go shopping or take in a sporting event, for example. The people they come in contact with and the interactions they have will determine whether their memories of those experiences are positive or not.

“We all like to feel acknowledged and important. Whether it is a large or small gesture, there are ample opportunities to create special moments in your regular interactions,” writes Nisbet. “The next time you interact with someone, take a moment to ask yourself: “What am I doing to make this interaction the best it can be?” It may take some practice (and patience) and that’s OK. You may be surprised how much more engaging and rewarding it will be when you slow down and make the time to live in the moment.”

Sioux Falls is a community full of wonderful people. . . let’s show everyone why we are the Heart of America!

Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau Mission
To market the city of Sioux Falls as a one-of-a-kind visitor destination, and to provide premier visitor services, and increase visitor spending in order to enhance economic impact throughout the community.
The Sioux Falls Promise
The CVB stands committed to exceeding visitor’s expectations. We will provide superior visitor hospitality in the city best recognized as “The Heart of America.” For all your convention, meeting and event needs, contact the Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau: (605) 275-6060, email sfcvb@siouxfalls.com or visit visitsiouxfalls.com.

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