• October 2018

Building on the successes
of the past

By Bob Mundt
Sioux Falls Development Foundation

Since starting my new role here in Sioux Falls a few months ago, I have been meeting with various community, business, education and government leaders as well as the leadership of the Development Foundation to assess who we are and what the role of the Foundation should be in the future development of the Sioux Falls region. One thing is apparent: past leaders of the foundation and the community have done an excellent job of building an infrastructure that has and will continue to produce successful results.

What we need to do now is to build on those successes and move the region into the next phase of our development. To do that, I believe the Foundation needs to focus on a few key objectives.


Talent & Workforce Development: Working with our community partners in business, education and government, we will develop programs to market the available jobs in Sioux Falls to targeted populations including regional universities, trade schools, former residents and special populations. Connecting our businesses with available talent and labor sources will be a priority.

Business Retention & Expansion: A majority of job and investment growth is generated by existing and growing businesses already here in the region. Our outreach will focus on connecting with our existing primary businesses to identify "red flag" issues they are facing and connecting them with the resources necessary to make sure they grow and expand here.

New Business Attraction/Business Park Development: Sioux Falls has a huge asset found in very few other communities…available build ready land complete with infrastructure and unmatched amenities. Foundation Park as well as the Foundation's other business parks and an aggressive development community put Sioux Falls at the top of site selector lists. Our business climate and aggressive leadership puts Sioux Falls at the top of the list for new company locations.

Marketing & Communications: We have a great story to tell. The Sioux Falls region has led the nation in a number of categories and we need to make our story known to both companies looking to expand and grow and to our future labor force, both internal and external. Working with the Chamber, the City and other regional partners, we will design programs to bring both new industries and people to the region by marketing and promoting a superior community and an outstanding quality of life.

With new City leadership and the continuing support of our City Council and County partners, I believe the public private partnership model of the Forward Sioux Falls program has a bright future. In developing the Forward Sioux Falls initiative almost 30 years ago, the Development Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce have exemplified the spirit of cooperation and coordination that has led to so much positive growth in the region. Through the continued, coordinated and targeted efforts of Forward Sioux Falls, this region will continue on the path of prosperity.

I'm excited to be a part of these ongoing efforts. Thanks for all you do.


Bob Mundt assumed the role of President & CEO of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation in mid-July. He previously served in leadership roles for chambers of commerce and economic development organizations in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Appleton, Wisconsin.

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