• September 2018

Five questions with Stacy Wrightsman


Stacy Wrightsman is a Public Affairs Director for Sanford Health and is serving as the Event Chair for the Chamber´s 112th Annual Meeting. An active Chamber member, Wrightsman is currently a Chamber Diplomat and is Vice Chair of the Business Leadership Council. She also serves on the boards of Levitt at the Falls and the Boys & Girls Club of the Sioux Empire and as a member of the Convention & Visitor´s Bureau Advisory Council. Wrightsman and her husband Dan have two sons, Gavin and Nolan.

Q: Why do you choose to volunteer your time for the Chamber?

A: Two main reasons. First – it is the opportunity to build long-standing, trusted relationships with other Chamber members and volunteers. Working alongside these professionals, aimed at a common goal and focus, has been a strong cord that has woven together some of my best friendships and working relationships. Second, corporate collaboration is alive and well in Sioux Falls. It is, in part, what has made us Forbes´ Best Small Place for Business and Careers, 9th strongest economy in the U.S. (Policom) and the 9th Happiest and Healthiest Cities in the Country (Prevention Magazine.) While all that is something to celebrate, we are also tapping into successes we can glean from entrepreneurs and other non-traditional economic drivers. It is definitely something I want to be part of!

Q: Describe your perfect day in Sioux Falls.

A: Sunshine. Relaxing on a patio. Playing in the park. Visiting the Zoo. Laughter. Hanging with Spinosaurus at the Washington Pavilion. Exploring downtown and the Sculpture Walk. Endless opportunities to make memories. Never a dull day in the great city of Sioux Falls!

Q: What might someone be surprised to learn about you?

A: When I share that I´m really an introvert I usually get some puzzled looks... I am not a shy person but I do really treasure my quiet, reflective time. While I love connecting with people, I prefer opportunities where I can know someone on a more personal level. The great thing is through my work at Sanford Health, I get to do just that, offering a listening ear and being available to those who have a question or a need that I might be able to assist.

Q: What is a skill that you would like to learn and why?

A: Professionally, I would like to develop my public speaking and the art of facilitation. While I am comfortable speaking in public, I strongly desire to develop this skill to be a more effective communicator. Personally, this fall I will be stretching my athletic prowess, learning some new skills physically and completely getting out of my comfort zone. Stay tuned. . .

Q: Describe a challenge facing our community today. Any ideas on how to tackle it?

A: The lack of quality face-to-face communication. So much of what I learned about how to do business in Sioux Falls came from those who helped develop our successful collaborative approach. I wonder if some of the authenticity in our conversations, some of the respect shown to others, even those with whom we disagree, is bypassed due to busy lifestyles, social media, technology and the like. We need to be able to disagree respectfully and feel safe to share our thoughts and ideas as a city, region and as a nation. The answer isn´t easy. It´s not a one-time training or class on how to have honest dialogue. Rather, it´s learning from one another, expanding my own world view and perspective, listening and mentorship. Sioux Falls is a great "big" little city and we owe it to all our neighbors to be willing to learn, listen and respect one another.

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