• April 2019

Message from the Chair

By Tim Sturdevant
2018-19 Chair of the Board

I think we can all acknowledge that part of what makes Sioux Falls special is that everyone gets on board for projects that benefit the greater good. When it comes to improving our community, we are on the same team. For those of us invested in seeing Sioux Falls maintain and grow its strong economy and quality of life, one of the best steps we can take is to invite others to join Team Sioux Falls.

The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce serves as a convener for the collaboration that moves our community forward. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, we bring the team together to make an impact.

...we bring the team together to make an impact.

Ten years ago, Chamber leadership desired to be more intentional about inviting young professionals to engage in community. The Young Professionals Network was formed and is thriving today. Over the course of the past decade we've seen individuals grow and develop into active and engaged leaders.

This month, we'll bring together business leaders and IT professionals from around the region for a one-day Cybersecurity Conference. Cybersecurity is important for every business – no matter the size. We can learn from each other and share best practices for protecting our businesses and customers.

As the community grows, your city government works hard to keep our infrastructure up-to-date and be responsive to the need of citizens. This spring's flooding has been tough, but it has been inspiring to see people work together as a team for our city. You can hear firsthand from leaders in the Public Works Department at ChamberHood events held throughout the year.

The Boy Scouts organization kicks off their Climb With Us campaign in April. The Chamber's Community Appeals process has successfully guided capital campaigns in our community for more than 60 years. A dedicated committee of 40 volunteers thoroughly vets each proposal to ensure organizational and fiscal solvency. We encourage our members to consider supporting the Climb With Us campaign.

These are just some of the many activities the Chamber facilitates to support our businesses, and ultimately our entire community. I encourage you to invite a friend or someone you do business with to learn more about the Chamber. Invite them to an event, tell them about one of our programs or even simply share this publication with them. By growing our team, we can grow our community.


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