• February/March 2019

Message from the Chair

By Tim Sturdevant
2018-19 Chair of the Board

What is it about Sioux Falls that draws people to move here and put down roots? What makes our city attractive to the young person looking for a place to launch a career, the mid-career professional with a family, or the older person ready to retire? I'm confident it is not the weather we receive during these first months of the year!

I believe the answer is that we are a city of opportunity. Whether pursuing business and career opportunities, seeking quality education or looking for a community that offers great quality of life options – people of all ages and stages can find it in Sioux Falls.

...we're more effective when we're all on the same team.

Consider some of our recent accolades – Forbes' Best Small Place for Business and Careers, the 2018 Best City for Young Professionals according to SmartAsset and one of the top three Best Cities to Retire according to 24/7 Wall Street.

We have created a place with an exceptional quality of life and a robust economy. There is no one person or organization that can take credit for that. It is the result of decades of collaboration and a willingness to work together in order to maximize our ability to address challenges and embrace opportunities.

We are fortunate that our Chamber members and community leaders understand that progress is everyone's business – and that we're more effective when we're all on the same team.

The Chamber and Convention & Visitors Bureau (a division of the Chamber) work closely with the Sioux Falls Development Foundation, the City of Sioux Falls, Downtown Sioux Falls and many more valuable partners. Each organization plays a vital role in shaping our community to be the type of place where people want to live.

Forward Sioux Falls might be the best example of what we can accomplish through collaboration. This joint venture between the Chamber and the Sioux Falls Development Foundation brings together the public and private sectors to attract business, encourage job growth, support workforce development and more. Investments made through Forward Sioux Falls over the past 30+ years have enhanced our economy and improved our quality of life.

A spirit of collaboration is why Sioux Falls has been successful, and keeping that spirit is how we can ensure a bright future.


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