• November 2019

Glory House Apartments will positively impact individuals, community
Community Appeals Campaign to provide transitional housing

By Mike Lynch
Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

Transitions are often challenging. Sometimes they are life-altering.

For over 50 years, the Glory House has helped clients in the justice system and other persons addicted to drugs and alcohol by offering housing, treatment and a transitional path toward a better life.

In 1975, the first building on the present campus opened and by 1988, Glory House broke ground on a 28-bed addition. Throughout the years, its services have continued to expand and by 2008, Glory House opened the Sands Freedom Center to house female clients and outpatient services. At present, nearly 90 clients are housed and the need to expand once again has arrived.

On Nov. 1, Glory House will begin "Building Hope" a Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Community Appeals campaign to construct a 72-unit efficiency apartment complex next door to its current campus on South West Avenue. The City of Sioux Falls has partially donated the land in return for an agreement to build affordable housing. The first 25 units are currently under construction and are scheduled for completion by the end of this year. The Community Appeals campaign will help Glory House construct these apartments and offer them to members of the community at a very affordable rate. A goal of $1.35 million has been set for this portion of the campaign, which will run through March 2020.

Securing accessible housing can be a challenge for anyone and the level of difficulty intensifies when clients successfully complete their recovery program at Glory House. They often hit an immediate roadblock due to a limited number of housing units that will accept tenants with criminal records and/or a history of drug abuse. They may have nowhere to go except the same risky situations that got them into trouble in the first place. The Glory House Apartments will offer clients clean, affordable, safe and sober apartments and will improve their odds of a healthy and successful future as they enter the Sioux Falls area workforce.

Enhancing workforce continues to be a priority in our community and with 85 percent of Glory House clients becoming members of the local workforce within a few weeks of their arrival, this segment of the population is fortifying the formula to fill a void that some businesses have. With a seamless transition from receiving services at Glory House to residing at the Glory House Apartments, many clients will be able to remain in our community, keep their job, pay their taxes, contribute to the local economy and maintain the stability and sobriety required for a successful future.

The 2016 Sioux Falls Affordable Housing Needs Assessment affirmed this by stating, "Stakeholders say it is incumbent on businesses and employers to support affordable housing. They see affordable housing as workforce housing and point out its importance in economic development: affordable housing helps recruit and retain employees."

According to Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead, the positive impact from a successful campaign will have multiple benefits for not only clients, but also the general population. "I can't overstate the value that the Glory House provides in our community when it comes to providing a safe living environment with easy access to substance abuse services. Providing long-term housing with support services and extending the length of sobriety can reduce demands on law enforcement and the courts, save taxpayer dollars, greatly reduce recidivism and even save lives," he said.

Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns said that health and recovery are among the greatest attributes the Glory House brings to the community. "Addiction to drugs and alcohol is the root of many problems we experience in our City. Having resources available to help people overcome substance abuse is an invaluable tool that has a positive ripple effect throughout the community. The Glory House provides a safe and supportive haven and gives those suffering from addiction the tools to help overcome that addiction."

One fact that most people may not know about the Glory House's residents, yet relates directly to the organization's mission, is that at least half of its residential clients have minor children. Helping these mothers and fathers to stay clean and sober contributes to family stability, giving these children the prospect of a brighter future at school, in their neighborhoods and as members of the local workforce someday.

According to Glory House President/CEO Dave Johnson, Glory House has already received numerous inquiries from current clients and others in the community who want a chance to live at Glory House Apartments. "We expect to have the first 25 units rented and occupied very soon after they are finished," he said. "When you support the Chamber Appeals Campaign, you are contributing to family stability, community safety, tax savings and workforce development. Your support is greatly appreciated!"

John F. Kennedy stated, "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." When local businesses and individuals make a gift to this project, Glory House clients will be provided a high probability of success and a reclaimed life leading to safe, enjoyable and productive days ahead.

The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Community Appeals Committee has endorsed this campaign and encourages your support. For more information, visit glory-house.org.

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