• October 2019

Five questions with Katie Haffeman


Katie Haffeman is the general manager of KDLT-TV. She began her television broadcasting career in 2002 at KDLT and has grown through several roles with the station to her current position. In 2015 and 2016 she was nominated for an Upper Midwest Emmy Award for “Overall Excellence” for KDLT-TV. Katie and her husband Mark have three children: Hailey, Chase and Tyler. When she is not cheering on her children at their sporting activities, she enjoys long distance running and volunteering for Junior Achievement, Rotary, St. Michael Parish, Girls on the Run, EmBe Camp CEO and KDLT's Coats for All.

Q: How did you choose your profession?

A: When I was young and spending summers at our lake cabin, the KDLT signal came in the strongest and had the best summer sports to watch; needless to say, I was hooked! When I was in college, I interned at KDLT and knew this was where I was meant to be. I enjoy meeting new people, problem solving and being challenged, so sales seemed to come naturally to me. KDLT isn't just a job, I am proud of where I work, it's my home away from home and it's fun.

Q: What makes a great leader?

A: There is a saying that I strive to live by: “As you climb, lift. We grow muscles by lifting weights; we grow powerful by lifting each other.” As professionals we need to empower each other, not tear each other down. Someone else's success does not lessen our own successes. Be confident in yourself, in your skills and treat others in the way you want to be treated. There should be a strong value in supporting others to help achieve their ambitions. As you climb, lift.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Sioux Falls?

A: I am very proud to call Sioux Falls home. I can't put into words what Sioux Falls means to me or what my favorite thing is because there are so many. I was born here, made memories growing up here and came full circle as I am now raising my family here. We are blessed to live in a community that is forward-thinking, has amazing opportunities and is still a safe place where you can drive anywhere in under 15 minutes and are bound to run into someone you grew up with when you walk down the street. Memories are everywhere!

Q: What is the best thing the Chamber does for the Sioux Falls area?

A: An amazing benefit to joining the Chamber is the new member benefit package. KDLT has been a Chamber media partner since 2008, and we are proud to offer a mutually beneficial package to new Chamber members!

Q: What is your favorite television program?

A: Anything sports, specifically the Minnesota Vikings! I love watching Sunday Night Football, Notre Dame, football of any sort, Olympics, tennis and golf, but only if Tiger Woods is playing.

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