• April 2020

Voters to select new leaders for city, school board

Elections for Sioux Falls City Council and Sioux Falls School Board have been delayed until June. Absentee ballots are encouraged and are currently being accepted.

There are four city council seats, two of which are unopposed, and one school board seat up for election this year. The profiles on these pages are intended to provide a snapshot of the candidates seeking elected office. The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates but does encourage members to learn about the candidates seeking office and to exercise their right to vote.

Candidates for city council



Alex Jensen
516 E. Plum Creek Road, 57105
Website: jensenforsiouxfalls.com
Occupation: Banker
Education: Business Management degree from the University of South Dakota
Family: Wife, Nikki, and son, Jack
Years residing in Sioux Falls: 33 years

What issues do you want to focus on if elected?
As a new father, there's nothing more important to me than making our city strong and safe for the families who live here.


Theresa Stehly
1621 S. Van Eps Ave., 57105
Website: theresastehly.com
Occupation: USF voice Instructor,
Private Piano Instructor, St. Therese
Choir Director, Piano Adjudicator
Education: B.S. from Northern State University
Family: Single
Years residing in Sioux Falls: 36 years

What issues do you want to focus on if elected?
I will continue to stand firm on these issues more funding for roads, including pothole relief; transparency in government; accountability in spending; reinforcement of public safety including police; lower property taxes; adequate funding for snow gates and snow removal; expand environmental sustainability; and advocating for citizen's rights and needs.

Northwest District


Julian C. Beaudion
2604 S. Kierra Court, 57106
Website: julianforsiouxfalls.com
Occupation: State law enforcement officer and small business owner
Education: Studied biology at Louisiana Tech University
Family: Married with two daughters
Years residing in Sioux Falls: 11 years

What issues do you want to focus on if elected?
Public safety, small business and representation - I have served in law enforcement for 10 years and understand what it takes to keep the public safe. While serving and owning a small business, I also understand the importance of representation, so our community remains safe and inclusive!


Greg Neitzert
2024 S. Shaw Ave., 57106
Website: gregforcouncil.com
Occupation: Software Engineer
Education: B.S. Computer Science, Southwest Minnesota State University
Family: Wife, Jennifer, and daughter, Olivia (11)
Years residing in Sioux Falls: 26 years

What issues do you want to focus on if elected?
My main priorities if reelected would be to repair and rebuild our roads, preserve our strong financial position, ensure public safety by supporting our police and addressing the drug epidemic, while also investing in quality of life projects that make this such a great city to live in.

Southwest District


Marshall Selberg
7512 S. Denton Ave., 57108
Occupation: Real Estate Broker Associate
Family: Wife, Jolene, and daughters Rylee and Rachael
Years residing in Sioux Falls: 19 years

What issues do you want to focus on if elected?
The Triage Center will be of particular interest for me in a second term. Not just the center itself but the next steps that follow. I believe mental health, addiction and recovery needs a greater focus, not only to enhance the services available but to educate citizens on the options available. I have the ability, the experience and the temperament to immediately improve our City Council and help get things done for the people of Sioux Falls.

Northeast District

Pat Starr
5305 E. Lake Placid Cir., 57110
Occupation: Independent Contractor for Printing Sales
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Mount Marty
Family: Wife, Emily, and two children

Candidate did not respond to request for information.

Candidates for School Board


Cynthia Mickelson
2901 S. 5th Ave., 57105
Website: facebook.com/cynthiamickelsonforsfschoolboard
Occupation: Business owner and lawyer
Education: University of South Dakota: B.A. with Honors History/Political Science; J.D.
Family: Husband, Mark, and sons George (20), David (19) and Charlie (16)
Years residing in Sioux Falls: 24 years

What issues do you want to focus on if elected?
Providing hope for all children so they may reach their full potential. Our greatest resource is our children. A community is as strong as their public-school system and I want to ensure a prosperous future by harnessing my knowledge gained through my involvement in schools, community service and business/legal training.


Sarah Stokke
5100 S. Sarmar Ave., 57106
Occupation: USD Nursing Professor
Education: BS-Psychology from USD, AD-Nursing from USD, MS-Nursing from University of Phoenix
Family: Husband, Matthew and children Jadelyn (14), Derek (12), Zachary (3), and Wyatt (1)
Years residing in Sioux Falls: 15 years

What issues do you want to focus on if elected?
Inspiring educators/leaders to utilize evidence-based teaching methods; Creating a team-based approach to student success; Incorporating health/physical education throughout every year of school; Incorporating the arts through every year of school; Emphasizing the importance of career and technical education for every student (helping students find their pathway); Improving responses to bullying.

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