• April 2020

April Ribbon Cuttings

Ribbon cutting ceremonies are held to celebrate new members joining the Chamber, milestone anniversaries, expansions or remodels. These events are organized free of charge for members and are held Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend and share in the celebration. For more information on how to schedule a ribbon cutting, contact Amy Farr at (605) 336-1620.

Groundbreaking ceremonies are coordinated by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. Call (605) 339-0103 for more information or to schedule your event.

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    Alpine Real Estate Companies

    826 W. 11th St.
    Alpine is excited to show the community its building remodel and the expansion of real estate service. L to R: Mike Hauck, P.J. Dowd, Lydia Freedon, Dr. Dave Kapaska, Jackson Dorhout (president), April Meyerink, Kristin Hoefert-Redlinger and Cindi Johnson.

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    ARTvision/ARTisan Skin & Laser Center

    2101 W. 69th St., Suite 204
    ART Vision and ARTisan Skin and Laser center is passionate about helping people see the world better and see themselves better. L to R: Anna Heeney, Scott Lawrence, Kelsey Soukup, Dr. Alison Tendler (owner), Dr. Paul Amundson, Kristin Hoefert-Redlinger and Jay Soukup.

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    Betfred USA Sports and Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort

    1415 Grand Falls Blvd., Larchwood, IA
    The Betfred Sports sportsbook at Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort is the first launch for Betfred USA Sports. L to R: Basil Hofer, Jay Soukup, Sharon Haselhoff (general manager, Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort), Bryan Bennett (COO, Betfred USA Sports), Jeff Gallagher, Alex Ramirez, Jerry Kiezer and Damon John.

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    Center of Hope

    1905 E. 8th St.
    The Center of Hope takes a holistic approach to serving its guests and offers several services to Sioux Falls residents in need. L to R: Mike Hauck, Debra Peterson, Cal Ver Mulm, Nichelle Lund, Brett Rockvam (executive director), Jay Soukup, Amy O'Connor Hoback and Maddie Borah.

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    Falls Fintech

    101 S. Phillips Ave., Suite 104
    Falls Fintech is a program designed to accelerate market readiness for early-stage financial technology startups. L to R: Brian Sittig, April Meyerink, Jay Soukup, Trent Sorbe (co-founder/CEO), Nikke Rhody (co-founder/managing director), Karla Santi, Sara Wevik and Heather Berg.

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    Great Shots

    2505 W. Benson Road
    Great Shots is bringing next level golf entertainment to your next day or night out. Golf. Eat. Enjoy. L to R: Rich Drawdy, James Payer II, Jonathan Buckley (general manager), Joe Millar, Mike Begeman, Eric Anderson, Miles Beacom, April Meyerink and Cory Lehrman.

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    Keiser Family Chiropractic

    4009 W. 49th St., Suite 310
    Dr. Kylie Keiser incorporates muscle work into every adjustment. She loves working with moms and kids. L to R: Renee Keiser, Jay Soukup, Dr. Kylie Renee Keiser (owner), Tim Sturdevant, Debra Peterson, Donna Smart, Lynda Billars, Mitzi Keiser, Josh Muckenhirn and Ken Keiser.

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    La Luna Café

    701 N. Phillips Ave., #125
    La Luna Café is a family friendly place that specializes in coffee and gourmet food. L to R: Matt Epp, Dan Doyle, Salvador Jaimes Jr. (manager), Diego Jaimes, Tatiana Jaimes (manager), Craig Lindes, Edith Jaimes, Jay Soukup, Salvador Jaimes Sr., Nichelle Lund, Jessica Rojas and Lilly Satterlee.

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    Lupulin Brewing Company

    2425 S. Shirley Ave., #112
    Lupulin Brewing is a family-owned brewery dedicated to making unique and compelling beers with attention to quality and flavor. L to R: Jay Soukup, Shelly Zierdt, Tim Sturdevant, Melissa Schiller, Matt Schiller (co-founder), Mandi Hoermann, Jeff Zierdt (co-founder), Justin Zandstra, David Johnson, Steve Payne and Marcus Paulsen.

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    Martin & Associates

    1911 W. 57th St., #101
    Martin & Associates, LLC is a multi-line insurance business and a franchise of American Family Insurance. L to R: Paulette Onken, Bernie DeWald, Edie Renner, Milana Arambasic, Matt Martin (owner/agent), Tim Schut, Jay Soukup, Bobbi Thury and Jan Vining.

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    Nestle Toll House Café by Chip

    4001 W. 41st St.
    Nestle Toll House Café by Chip is honored to join the Chamber and excited to meet other business owners in Sioux Falls. L to R: Maddie Schliemann, Dakotah Jordan, Amy O'Connor Hoback, Darci Hustrulid, Q Yerga, Lindsey Schliemann (owner), Micah Schliemann, Lynda Billars, Angela Lammers and Kaden Schliemann.

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