• January 2020

Eggers family honored as 2020 Farm Family of the Year

By Wendy Sweeter
For the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

The Eggers family has farmed north of Renner, South Dakota, for five generations.

Tim Eggers and his sons, Phil and Jon, are raising cattle on the same farm Tim's great-grandfather, C.F., farmed since 1907. 

The Eggers family has been selected as the 2020 Farm Family of the Year by the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Agri-Business Division.


Tim grew up on a dairy north of the church in Renner. Then, in 1975, he moved up to the farm that's always been in the Eggers family.

"We moved out here in the winter of ‘75 and the next year we had a drought. The first year farming out here, we had a drought. It was a bad one," Tim said.

Phil and Tim live in two of the three houses on the same driveway. Tim's brother lives in the middle house. Jon lives a little north of them. All of Tim's brothers and sisters live within a mile and a half of each other.

C.F. and Tim's uncle had a herd of registered Holsteins and C.F. named the farm Southview Stock Farm. Tim and Phil formed Eggers Southview Stock Farm in 1996 where they run 50 registered Hereford cows and 50 commercial cows. Jon and his wife, Natalie, run their own commercial Angus herd under Grand Meadow Cattle Company and J&K Custom Applications, a custom spraying operation with another partner.

Even though they run their own operations, everyone still works together to get the work done. "The nice thing is we've all got a lot going on, but we can help each other out if we get in a bind," Phil said.

Phil grew up showing Herefords in 4-H and the Junior Hereford Association. He likes the breed because they are a docile beef breed and the people in the breed association have been amazing to them.

"A lot of our opportunities have come from those people and they're some of our lifelong friends," Phil said. "We like Herefords because they are a docile, efficient breed. The best part is working with our junior member customers and helping with their projects."

Tim and Phil raise both polled and horned Herefords. They like to crossbreed them.

"We try to remain as polled as we can because that's what our customers like, but we don't mind either way as long as they're good cattle," Phil said.

Phil showed cattle at the Sioux Empire Farm Show, now Sioux Empire Livestock Show, for about 25 years. While he does not show anymore because he and five others have begun selling cattle through the I-29 Bull Run held every March at the fairgrounds, Phil continues to serve as the chairperson for the Hereford show and sale at the livestock show. 

Tim has also helped with the show in the past. Phil also volunteers for the feeder heifer show and anywhere else that is needed.


Tim and Phil are both employed off the farm. Jon works full time on the farm. Tim has had a full-time job since the ‘80s and has worked for Graco in Sioux Falls for the last 15 years.

"We went through the ‘80s here and the interest rates were sky high. Dad was 62 then when all the interest rates were high and he decided to retire," Tim said. "I went to town and found a full-time job."

Phil went to South Dakota State University, graduating with a degree in ag business with minors in animal science and ag marketing. He went to work for Ridgefield Farms right after graduating. Then he ran the Baltic Lounge for two years before going into real estate with Westra Atkins Land & Auction, LLC. Phil has been doing real estate for the last 11 years. He has also been operating a cattle grooming business where he clips cattle hair using a torching method and running The Livestock Link, LLC that offers video services, video sales and sale clerking.

Natalie, who is a fifth grade teacher at Dell Rapids, said Phil having the Baltic Lounge for two years was long enough for her and Jon to meet.

"That's the best thing we got out of it. It was worth all the work for that," Phil said.

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