• July/August 2020

Message from the Chair

By Bobbi Thury
2019-20 Chair of the Board

The Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce is a powerful voice for business. We are constantly finding new ways to provide value to members, serve our community and advocate for a healthy business environment. Just as you need to "Get Stuff Done" (GSD) in your business and life, we know we need to GSD, too.

Bobbi Thury
Let's stay diligent...and provide the experience Sioux Falls is known for - that of being a safe and welcoming place.

As the world navigates the impacts of coronavirus and the ongoing social unrest, the Chamber is focusing on what we can do in our own community. The Chamber is collaborating with a number of partners to spark growth and rekindle our strong economy in the region through the Spark Sioux Falls initiative. We need everyone to help! If we want people to shop and experience Sioux Falls, we need to make them feel safe and comfortable in our businesses. When a visitor consistently sees responsible precautions being taken by each store they visit, their confidence grows. Let's stay diligent in the fight against the coronavirus and provide the experience Sioux Falls is known for - that of being a safe and welcoming place. Check out our website for resources or give the Chamber a call if you want any tips on what you can do to help or how we can help you.

We need to be diligent in our efforts to be a community that welcomes everyone, regardless of color or gender, new American or sixth generation South Dakotan. We want all residents to engage in our community, participate in our workforce and ultimately help us build a stronger place to call home. Recently, Chamber member leaders volunteered to help step up our efforts to make sure business owners feel welcome and promote inclusion. These Chamber members have committed to personally mentor and connect other business owners to help promote inclusivity in our business community.

Another exciting opportunity to promote inclusion is The Big Table event that will take place in late July. Chamber President & CEO Jeff Griffin brought this concept from Peoria to Sioux Falls. We are working with several community partners to make it happen and we believe it will help promote a welcoming environment where we can all thrive. The Big Table fosters regional community-building designed to connect and strengthen our relationships and opportunities in finding and improving ways we can promote our economy and quality of life for all in our region. Stay tuned for more information!

Let's build on the momentum that already exists in our business community! I encourage you to look for ways to support each other – whether it is patronizing a business or spreading kindness to a neighbor. When we lift each other up, we all win. Let's GSD!

Proud to be a Chamber member,


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