• May 2020

Chef Lance Catering

by Lance A. White, Owner


Truth is, I've been delivering family meals for quite some time, but when this virus hit it was the only thing I had left.

When I opened my cafe almost two years ago, I knew I needed multiple ways of marketing my product, or in my case, food. I had a plan... five revenue streams:

1. Cafe

2. Private aircraft catering

3. Off premise catering (church groups, weddings, business lunches, etc.)

4. Cooking classes

5. Family meals

In front of the curve I closed my cafe as I saw the writing on the wall. Then caterings started cancelling. Then cooking classes. Then aircraft travel.

All that was left was family meals.

I increased my meal delivery from twice a week to three times a week more as a desperation move. And I was getting orders. Then I moved my entire operation online.

Then the unexpected happened. Old friends began ordering meals for friends or family stuck at home. Businesses ordered meals for employees. Other businesses ordered gift cards for strangers (just bless others they said). Another catering company sent me money to invest in marketing and begging me not to give up.

And so, I invested it back. I bought gift cards and I randomly sent money to old friends.

And the meal delivery is the only thing left, but it's sufficient. It's scary, knowing that if this revenue stream stops, the river dries up...but I'm confident it won't.

This city and this state is amazing. We have the heart AND the soul to survive ANYTHING. I have never witnessed a stronger desire to support our neighbors during this time.


And that is my small business story.

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