• May 2020

Click Rain

by Natalie Eisenberg, CEO

In all aspects of our lives, COVID-19 has shown up in force. And while it has impacted each of our businesses uniquely, the pandemic has driven the business community to collectively rise up in these three pretty awesome ways.

Creativity. What worked yesterday won't necessarily work today, so we find ourselves asking, "How do we best serve people now?" It has been fascinating to see how many businesses have pivoted their operations in smooth, meaningful ways in the past several weeks. From restaurants now providing simple ingredients and family meals, boutiques offering contactless order and payment, grocers and drug stores implementing safe shopping measures, to manufacturers making personal protective equipment and medical providers providing routine appointments virtually - our businesses have been forced outside the proverbial box and are delivering with great creativity.

Speed. With the pressure and gravity of COVID-related issues also comes an intense sense of urgency. And with new information on the virus available daily, decision making is needed on a moments' notice. Add remote work into the equation and it's quite a rollercoaster! But at the same time, we are working some muscles that don't always get attention. And in doing so, moving solutions forward faster than ever before. Are we skipping steps? Definitely. Is our interim plan perfect? Who knows. But if anything could break old slow-moving habits if they existed, this is it.

Heart. In a competitive marketplace, everyday demands can easily take priority over social responsibility. Perhaps the most meaningful way businesses have stretched themselves during this crisis is by affirming or reaffirming who they are deep down. The hearts of organizations are shining brightly through their care and compassion of employees and families, through their lifting up of everyday heroes and celebrating community efforts, and through their donations of time, energy and dollars.

Living in a global pandemic is extremely trying. We're all just human, and it's hard. But we can do hard things, and we're rising to the occasion with incredible creativity, speed and heart.

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