• September 2020

Make your location stand out online


Have you Googled your business recently? If you do show up, is it the correct information? Do you show up if you search by your industry or service offering?

Local searches (ex. “chiropractor near me”) have seen significant growth over the years, and now account for almost half of all Google searches. The best thing about local searches is that they are action-oriented, with nearly 80% resulting in a conversion such as calling or visiting the business.

As many businesses have been forced to adjust their hours over the past few months, it has illuminated just how important it is to have accurate and updated information in your local listings.

Your Google My Business (GMB) listing is particularly important to keep current to ensure that when customers search for your business, they will find the right information. The good news is that you do have control over how you show up in local searches and can make an impact on showing up more frequently.

Utilize new Google My Business features

In an effort to support businesses during COVID-19, Google has been releasing new features, which give more flexibility to a company’s Google My Business listing. First, make sure you have your company’s Google My Business listing claimed, and then take advantage of these newer features.

Temporarily Closed. If your business is temporarily closed due to seasonality or to COVID-19, update your GMB listing under the Info section. All you have to do is click a button.

COVID-19 Update. If your business has different restrictions, safety procedures or changes due to COVID-19, you can easily add a callout to your GMB listing. On the home screen of your GMB listing select “Post your COVID-19 update.” From there you can enter in the specifics for your business.

Support & Donation Links. If we’ve learned anything over the past few months, it’s how strongly the Sioux Falls community supports our local businesses. Google has made it easier to ask for customer support by offering a new feature to directly link to purchase gift cards or give donations. On the GMB home screen, click “Get support from customers” and fill out the needed information.

Secondary Hours. The ability to add alternative hours for a location has been a long-time feature request for Google My Business listings and it is finally available. Under the hours section select “more hours” and your business can outline different scenarios. If you have specific hours for seniors, online services, or drive-through, that can all now be specified.

Ask for reviews

Accurate and updated information on your Google My Business listing helps it show up more in local searches, but reviews are another key component. Online reviews, especially on Google, are influential in helping your business rank higher for local search results, and both the quantity and quality of reviews plays a role.

The easiest way to gain reviews is to simply ask for them. You can do this verbally while the customer is checking out, by putting a friendly reminder on receipts, or sending a follow-up email or text message. If customers ever ask for a way they can support your business, ask them to leave you a review.

In any time, it’s always the fine details that matter most and these little things can go a long way in ensuring customers have a positive digital experience with your business.

Overwhelmed or don’t have the time to manage your online presence? Click Rain can work with your business through customized digital marketing agency services or through Stratus, a self-serve location-marketing platform. As VP of Products & Service, Kate Kotzea loves digging into the details of digital and finding ways to make individual businesses standout. To learn more about location marketing, join Kate for a Business Sense Workshop on September 29, 2020.

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