AUG. 7, 2017 - VOL. 53 No. 11

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Chair´s Column

Message from the Chair

By Dave Kapaska, D.O.
2016-17 Chair of the Board

Dave Kapaska
Dave Kapaska, D.O.
2016-17 Chair of the Board

Are you "living your mission" at work, in your community or in your neighborhood? It's a question that will confront attendees at the Crossroads Summit on August 17. This is the fourth installment of the biannual event hosted by our Young Professionals Network. This year's theme is "Living Your Mission." It should be an amazing event with speakers and content valuable to all of us.

How can I best make an investment in my community? What is my responsibility of service? Am I giving back in a way that aligns with my personal values and interests?

No matter if you are a young person just launching your career, an established professional, or – like me – a new retiree, we can all benefit from pausing to ask ourselves those questions.

Many individuals choose to live their mission by giving back and investing in community. The magic happens when those individuals collectively bring that spirit into their businesses. Investments then happen at a corporate level as well. Sioux Falls has an impressive track record of corporate giving through our Chamber Community Appeals program. Read more about that in this month's feature story starting on page 24.

Think about what the Sioux Falls area projects to the world in terms of what we value as community; what our mission is. We boast the second most generous United Way per capita in America. Through Forward Sioux Falls we have a robust community and economic development program ensuring our growth for years to come. And as new citizens come to Sioux Falls from around the world, we are welcoming them as neighbors and growing programs that help them successfully integrate into our workforce and community. Combine all this with the multitude of acts of kindness we witness daily – Sioux Falls is truly a special place.

So I ask again. . . are you living your mission? Are your leaders, colleagues or employees living their mission?

I encourage you to join our YPN members at the Crossroads Summit. Take the day to reignite your heart and passion for your work, for your colleagues and for your customers. You will not regret it!

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