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SEP. 5, 2017 - VOL. 53 No. 12

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JULY Ribbon Cuttings & Groundbreakings

Ribbon cutting ceremonies provide new or expanding businesses an opportunity to promote their products or services. These events are organized free of charge for members and are held Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Chamber invites members of the Board of Directors, members of the Ambassador and Diplomat committees, and local elected officials to share in the event. The Chamber member requests the date and the Chamber staff assists by organizing the agenda and providing the ribbon and scissors.

Ribbon Cutting photos are printed in each issue of Chamber News. The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cuttings for members to celebrate joining the Chamber, anniversaries, grand openings, expansions or remodelings.

Ribbon cutting photos are sized in high-resolution format on the web for 90 days following their publication date in the print issue of Chamber News. Members may download photos to make their own prints of any of the images included during that time period. One photo will be included in the Ribbon Cutting archives following that 90-day period.

For more information on how to schedule a ribbon cutting, contact Amy Farr at 605.336.1620. For more information on how to schedule a groundbreaking, contact Diane Andresen at the Sioux Falls Development Foundation at 605.339.0103.

Ribbon Cuttings & Groundbreakings from the September 5, 2017 Issue of Chamber News

Blue Cherry Ribbon Cutting
Blue Cherry is happiness served on a plate. It is available for private chef services, catering and in-home cooking classes. L to R: James Flannery, Liz Lloyd, Rex Pruitt, Julie Flannery-Allen (co-owner), Raeya Allen, Mike Parks, Finn Allen, Chef Bob Allen (co-owner), Bruce Eide and Theresa Flannery.

Bristol Court Apartments Ribbon Cutting
Bristol Court Apartments provides 60 multi-family rental units of affordable housing for residents of Sioux Falls. L to R: Mike Hauck, Karen Noonan, Mayor Mike Huether, Dan Costello, Doug Morrison (chair, Citi-Housing), Tom Costello (owner, Costello Companies), Mark Lauseng (executive director, SD Housing Development Authority), Ritch Noble and Dawn Koenig.

Burger King Ribbon Cutting
Dakota King Inc., dba Burger King, was started in1975 with the first Burger King Restaurant in South Dakota and has been recognized at the local, regional and national level for operational excellence and community involvement. L to R: Jeff Oliver, Doug Berkland, Liz Lloyd, Jenifer Tobin, Tom Walsh, Jr. (president), Mark Smith, Al , Cindy Walsh, Dieter Miawald, Tom Walsh, Sr. (CEO), Molly Christianson, Rex Pruitt and Mike Leslie.

Cake Creations by Janet Ribbon Cutting
Cake Creations by Janet specializes in baking wedding cakes and all occasion cakes, pies, cookies and bars. L to R: Mary Lay, Betty Witte, Somer Anderson, Ritch Noble, Janet Kennedy (owner), Doug Berkland, Rex Pruitt, Leslie Klitzke, Georgia Hustrulid and Bernie Larsen.

Candy and Canvas Ribbon Cutting
Candy and Canvas offers a huge variety of bulk and retro candy and original paintings by Chad Lubbers. L to R: Eric Anderson, Keith Severson, Gracie Lubbers, Chad Lubbers (co-owner), Kayla Lubbers (co-owner), Deb Peterson and Ritch Noble.

Cinemark/Century East at Dawley Farm Ribbon Cutting
Cinemark/Century East at Dawley Farm is the leader in the motion picture exhibition industry with 423 theatres and 4,884 screens in the U.S. and Latin America. L to R: Axel Rivera, Tom Shields, Mayor Mike Huether, Rex Pruitt, James Meredith (Vice President of Marketing), Phil Garrison (manager), Jackie Bastasich (marketing and promotions coordinator), Craig Lloyd, Dave Rozenboom, Lori Lewison and Samantha Melcomb.

Crooks Winery Ribbon Cutting
Crooks Winery provides an educational experience from grape to fruit/honey wines and also sells home wine-making supplies. L to R: Cody Hahn, Ritch Noble, Doug Berkland, Jen Hahn (co-owner), Rich Hahn (co-owner), Jack Dyvig, Liz Lloyd, Danica Hahn and Christen Hahn.

David Rose for South Dakota Ribbon Cutting
David Rose is a Republican candidate for the South Dakota House of Representatives in District 14. L to R: Patrick Rose, Ritch Noble, Julie Nelson, Sandy Rose, David Rose (candidate), Karen Noonan, Mark Luke and William Rose.

Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop Ribbon Cutting
Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop is a quick serve sandwich shop with delivery, catering and a conference room available for meetings. L to R: Karen Noonan, Dawn Koenig, Janelle Hindbjorgen (co-owner), Josh Heerland, Randy Hindbjorgen (president/co-owner), Eric Anderson, Kim Marcucci and Nancy Weber-Sweere.

Galaxy Gaming Ribbon Cutting
Galaxy Gaming is a laser combat and computer gaming center featuring parties and group events. L to R: Ritch Noble, Eric Anderson, Jack Dyvig, Mariya Kaftanati, Max Kaftanati (owner), Doug Berkland and Nick Reiter.

Haegle’s Western Wear & Tack Ribbon Cutting
Haegle’s Western Wear & Tack carries a full-line of clothing for the entire family and a complete line of riding equipment. L to R: Steffanie Fischer, Sandy Case, Lynda Billars, Dave Rozenboom, David Jackson (president), Michelle Jackson (vice president), Mitch Jackson, Ritch Noble, and Patrick Jackson.

Mid-States Utility Trailer Sales, Inc./ Transport Refrigeration of South Dakota Ribbon Cutting
Mid-States Utility Trailer Sales, Inc./Transport Refrigeration of South Dakota is a full service dealership representing utility trailer manufacturing and Carrier Transcold leaders in the transportation industry. L to R: Shane Keizer, Ritch Noble, Lyle Dabbert, Doug Hazel, Jim Keizer (president), Dawn Koenig, Tom Shields and Stacy Bricker.

Midwest Medical Edition (MED) Magazine Ribbon Cutting
Midwest Medical Edition (MED) Magazine is a showcase and communication tool for South Dakota’s outstanding medical community. L to R: Jake Peterson, Lynda Billars, Eric Siemers, Alex Strauss (editor), Steffanie Liston-Holtrop (publisher), Bruce Eide, Rex Pruitt and Darrell Fickbohm.

Minnehaha County Coliseum Restoration Ribbon Cutting
The Minnehaha County Coliseum Restoration project began as a collaboration between the state of South Dakota, Minnehaha County and the City of Sioux Falls. L to R: Anne Hajek (Minnehaha County Commission Chair , Wendy Bergan, Bruce Eide, Lynda Billars, Eric Anderson, Carol Twedt, Mary Dean Janklow (Committee Chair), Dianne Metli, Mayor Mike Huether and Linda Munson.

Mixed-Go Green Ribbon Cutting
Mixed-Go Green is a fast, casual restaurant that specializes in made-to-order salads. L to R: Ritch Noble, Angie Wahl, Gavin and Kelly Shawd, Cole Shawd (owner/operator), Barbara Peterson-Meyer, Karen Noonan and Liz Lloyd.

Off-The-Cuff Stuff Ribbon Cutting
Off –The-Cuff Stuff offers dinner theatre, improv, music and unique entertainment for special events. L to R: Ritch Noble, Doug Berkland, Jeni McNamara, Toby Kane (co-owner), Nancy Weber-Sweere, Jack Dyvig and Jon Hegg.

Oh My Cupcakes! Ribbon Cutting
Oh My Cupcakes! is Sioux Falls’ first and only dedicated gourmet cupcakery. L to R: Ashley Maturan, Tom Shields, Emily Johnson, Doug Berkland, Rex Pruitt, Melissa Johnson (owner), CW Johnson, Lisa Schultz, Randi Johnson, Peggy Riggs and Brandon Johnson.

Sioux Falls Business and Professional Women, Inc. Ribbon Cutting
Sioux Falls Business and Professional Women’s mission is to achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education and information. L to R: Anita C-Braunschmidt, Kerry Roling (treasurer), Amy Giessinger (PR chair), Micki Lundin, Therese Bailey (president), Dave Rozenboom, Jen Rothenbuehler, Rex Pruitt, Kerry Hammel and Melissa Plucker.

Snap Fitness Ribbon Cutting
Snap Fitness is a 24/7 fitness center that is affordable. L to R: Renae Kuchta, Karen Noonan, Rex Pruitt, Stacy Wrightsman, Bruce Anderson (owner), Debbie Anderson, Ryan Anderson, Nancy Weber-Sweere and Mike Kuchta.

The Empress Group Ribbon Cutting
The Empress Group is an advertising and marketing agency, acting as a true partner to clients. L to R: Aaron Severson, Ritch Noble, Kimber Serverson (co-owner), Misten Langenfeld (co-owner), Eric Siemers, Lyle Dabbert, Annie Welsh and Luke Langenfeld.

Volunteers of America, Dakotas/Priority One Resources & LifeMarks Counseling Ribbon Cutting
Volunteers of America, Dakotas/Priority One Resources & LifeMarks Counseling is an employee assistance program for businesses to purchase and offer as an added benefit program for employees. L to R: Dr. Rajesh Singh, Karen Noonan, Lynda Billars, Mary Hitzeman, Bob O’Connell (chair), Pam Bollinger (Volunteers of America President/CEO), Jack Dyvig, Carol Knudtson, Rex Pruitt, Karla Zick, Sarah Thoms and Sheryl Barnett.

Your Pet Stop, Inc. Ribbon Cutting
Your Pet Stop, Inc. is a family owned retail store that provides quality pet food and products for the Sioux Falls area. L to R: Erin McNeil, Jill Melchert, Tanya Satter, Lynda Billars, Dave Fleck, Doug DeNeui (president), Sherry DeNeui and Annie(dog), Ritch Noble and Kelli Rogers.

Zing Ribbon Cutting
Zing creates TV, print and radio ads, brand identities, logos, websites and anything else that needs an idea to grow your business. L to R: Mike Lavin, Liz Lloyd, Rex Pruitt, Julie Flannery-Allen (co-owner), Sarah Lavin (co-owner), Mike Parks, Bruce Eide and Bob Allen.




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