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OCT. 5, 2017 - VOL. 54 No. 1

Chair's Column
New Members
Member Anniversaries
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Ribbon Cuttings
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july Ribbon Cuttings & Groundbreakings

Ribbon cutting ceremonies provide new or expanding businesses an opportunity to promote their products or services. These events are organized free of charge for members and are held Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Chamber invites members of the Board of Directors, members of the Ambassador and Diplomat committees, and local elected officials to share in the event. The Chamber member requests the date and the Chamber staff assists by organizing the agenda and providing the ribbon and scissors.

Ribbon Cutting photos are printed in each issue of Chamber News. The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cuttings for members to celebrate joining the Chamber, anniversaries, grand openings, expansions or remodelings.

Ribbon cutting photos are sized in high-resolution format on the web for 90 days following their publication date in the print issue of Chamber News. Members may download photos to make their own prints of any of the images included during that time period. One photo will be included in the Ribbon Cutting archives following that 90-day period.

For more information on how to schedule a ribbon cutting, contact Amy Farr at 605.336.1620. For more information on how to schedule a groundbreaking, contact Diane Andresen at the Sioux Falls Development Foundation at 605.339.0103.

Ribbon Cuttings & Groundbreakings from the October 5, 2017 Issue of Chamber News

Active Generations Ribbon Cutting
Active Generations offers activities, daybreak adult daycare, employment resources, Meals on Wheels and assistance for the elderly homebound. L to R: Leah Simmons, Dean Karsky, Michele Crissman, Duane Noerenberg, Gerald Beninga (President/CEO), W. Tom Simmons, Rex Pruitt and Harriet Simmons.

Aspen Lodge - C & V Properties, LLC Ribbon Cutting
Aspen Lodge-C & V Properties, LLC is a stay and play property: stay in a beautiful location at Terry Peak and have fun in Deadwood. L to R: Tiffany Kleinsasser, Karen Noonan, Tom Shields, Wendy McDonnel, Rex Pruitt, Clark Meyer (co-owner), Mike Verley (co-owner) and Beth Jamison.

Bead Co., Inc. Ribbon Cutting
The Bead Co., Inc. provides beads, supplies and expertise, along with a friendly atmosphere to design and create your very own masterpiece. The Bead Co. specializes in classes, repair and custom orders. L to R: Kathy Erickson, Lynda Billars, Tom Shields, Tammy Badger, Melanie Erickson (owner/president), Eli Erickson, Karen Noonan, Wendy McDonnel and Dave Erickson.

Beds by Design Ribbon Cutting
Beds by Design builds high-quality, long-lasting and therapeutic mattresses. L to R: Brent Naber, Gita Hendricks, Nancy Weber-Sweere, Ella Bjorkman, Chad Yde (vice-president), David Bjorkman (president), Rick Rysavy, Bruce Eide, Keith Netten and Eric Wuebben.

Brooks Townhomes – CitiHousing, inc Ribbon Cutting
Brooks Townhomes is a 10-building complex with 64 units, including six that are designed to accommodate people with disabilities. L to R: Joan Franken, Ritch Noble, Mike Hauck, Dr. Alan Boade, Bruce Eide, Sandra Boade (Brooks Townhomes Limited Partnership), Cathy Clark, Doug Morrison, Jack Dyvig and Darren Smith.

Cellular Only Ribbon Cutting
Cellular Only is a locally-owned Verizon Wireless authorized retailer. L to R: Brad Horstman, Tammy Beintema, Karen Noonan, Lynda Billars, Jason Graving (manager), Mike Hauck, Rory Kelly (co-owner), Jude Kelly, Janet Eining (co-owner) and Brian Lynch.

DeWild Grant Reckert and Associates (DGR) Ribbon Cutting
DGR is multi-discipline consulting engineering firm providing electrical, civil, water resources and surveying services. L to R: Lance Meyer, Marlin Overman, Eric Anderson, Paul Bachman (manager), Bruce Eide, Blair Metzger (president), Mary Johnson, Lynda Billars and Len Neugebauer.

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping Ribbon Cutting
Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping combines kickboxing, strength training and nutrition to transform lives 10 weeks at a time. L to R: Nathan Ligtenberg, Ritch Noble, Liz Lloyd, Darin Ligtenberg (co-owner), Aiden Ligtenberg and Logan Ligtenberg, Brian Jans, Julie Ligtenberg (co-owner), Nancy Van Otterloo and Susan Doorneweerd.

Formatop Company, Inc. Ribbon Cutting
Formatop Company, Inc. manufactures custom quality countertops in plastic laminate, cultured marble, butcherblock, solid surface and quartz. L to R: Ritch Noble, Doug Berkland, Lynda Billars, June Buehner, Mark Buehner (president), Lori Lewison and Ryan Buehner.

Here4Youth Ribbon Cutting
Here4Youth provides individualized youth care for all abilities. L to R: Bridget Amundson, Dean Buckneberg, Mike Hauck, Angie Lardy (executive director), Patricia Docken, Deb Docken, Karen Noonan and Eric Siemers.

Hy-Vee #6 Ribbon Cutting
Hy-Vee is an employee owned midwestern company. L to R: Greg Warzecha, Eric Siemers, Jeff Rink, Rick Rysavy, Magen Barrett, Bruce Eide, John Griesenbrock (Store Director), Dean Karsky, Melanie Wilson, Greg Vanden Heuvel, Matt Hildebrand, Mike Flemming, Lindsay Van Meeteren and Aaron Stanga

La Voz Hispana TV, LLC Ribbon Cutting
La Voz Hispana TV, LLC was formed with the mission to inform, educate and entertain the community of Sioux Falls and the surrounding area through the first bilingual television show. L to R: Michael Winkleman, Kyle Beck, Rick Rysavy, Sara Parker, Juan Bonilla (president), Eric Anderson, Dean Karsky and Carlos Cobos.

Leather Legend Ribbon Cutting
Leather Legend is locally owned and operated and offers eclectic items for both the young and the old. L to R: Carmen Mercy, Rick Rysavy, Nancy Van Otterloo, Eric Arnold (owner), Donna Jipp, Chrissy Spoo, Ritch Noble and Rob Davis.

Mark Johnston for District 12 Senate Ribbon Cutting
Mark Johnston is the Republican candidate seeking the District 12 Senate seat in Minnehaha and Lincoln counties. L to R: Jason Appel and Jamie Appel, Rex Pruitt, Julie Johnston, Mark Johnston (candidate), Annie Welsh, Julie Nelson, Barb Stork and Kaitlin Johnston.

Mount Marty College Nurse Anesthesia Program Ribbon Cutting
Mount Marty College offers a master’s of science degree in nurse anesthesia in Sioux Falls. L to R: Larry Dahlen, Dean Karsky, Dr. Alfred Lupien (Director of Nurse Anesthesia), Dr. Carrol Krause (Interim President), Michael Bender, Bishop Paul Swain, Sr. Jennifer Kehrwald, Rick Rysavy, Jean Reed, Julie and Amanda Rowan.

Navy Operational Support Center Ribbon Cutting
Navy Operational Support Center is the only Navy Reserve Center in South Dakota with approximately 130 reservists in various units that train in Sioux Falls. L to R: Damage Control, 2nd Class, Jason Forster, Hospital Corpman, 2nd Class, Shellie Thoresen, Tom Verhey, Tammy Beintema, Mike Hauck, Thomas Simpson (Commander), Bruce Eide, Mike Johnson (lead contractor, KEPA), Chief Daren Taggetz and Personnel Specialist, 2nd Class Tara Hope.

Parker’s Bistro Ribbon Cutting
Parker’s Bistro is a small, upscale bistro with a classically prepared, seasonal menu. L to R: Alexandra Newcomb Weiland, Dean Buckneberg, Tammy Beintema, Tom Bosch, Stacy Newcomb Weiland (co-owner), Rex Pruitt, Rick Weiland (co-owner), Carter Newcomb Weiland, Adam Weiland, Nick Weiland and Taylor Newcomb Weiland.

Platinum Personnel Solutions Ribbon Cutting
Platinum Personnel Solutions provides professional office support to businesses through temporary, temporary to hire and direct placement positions. L to R: Susan Mulvania, Jenifer Tobin, Bruce Eide, Melanie Keegan (branch manager), Mike Hauck, Stacie Volk, Dean Karsky and Vernon Meyer.

Sephora Inside JC Penney Co. Ribbon Cutting
JC Penney is one of America’s leading retailers, operating 1,107 department stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as one of the largest apparel and home furnishing websites ( and the nation’s largest general merchandise catalog business. L to R: Lori Jensen, David Fields (store manager), Burt Szabo, Vanessa Wilson (Sephora Beauty Manager), Chrissy Spoo, Tammy Beintema, Rex Pruitt and Lori Nicholson.

SilverStone Group Ribbon Cutting
SilverStone Group offers independent risk, employee benefits and human resource consulting and insurance management. L to R: Suzie Tolzin, Eric Anderson, Karen Noonan, Duane Noerenberg, Rex Pruitt, John Sutton (regional director), Todd Flickema and Dan LaRock.

South Dakota Lions Eye Bank, Inc. Ribbon Cutting
The South Dakota Lions Eye Bank, Inc. procures cornea and tissue for transplant – restoring sight and enhancing life. L to R: Melanie and Bob Schmidt, Dean Buckneberg, Jens Saakvitne (executive director), Jay Hendrickson (President, Board of Directors), Rick Rysavy, Kathy Jurgens, Doug Berkland and Mike Nieman.

The UPS Store 2494 Ribbon Cutting
The UPS Store offers full-service postal services: send a package, have an item packed, print documents, open a mailbox, or ship something big or small, domestic or international. L to R: Rod Carlson, Kristina Wolfe, Jerome M. Johnson (owner), Reva Johnson (owner), Karen Noonan, Eric Anderson and Lisa Dauwen.

Upper Cervical Health Centers of America Ribbon Cutting
Upper Cervical Health Centers of America offers a unique alternative health care solution that focuses on locating and removing interference to the brain stem, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. L to R: Pat De Vries, Jen Weerheim, Tammy Beintema, Dr. Casey Weerheim (owner), Rex Pruitt, Karen Noonan, Mike Hauck and Bonnie Nail.

Xcite Family Fun Center Ribbon Cutting
Xcite Family Fun Center is a new fun place to have parties for your children’s birthdays or just a place to go with your family. It features 10,000 sq ft. inflatable play center, an arcade, a full menu of great food and much more. L to R: Bill Rezac, Tom Verhey, Desiree Hansen (owner), Shylah Hansen, Garner Hansen, Liam Hansen, Cael Hansen, Karen Noonan and Rex Pruitt.




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