JUNE 4, 2018 - VOL. 54 No. 8

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Research sector flourishes in Sioux falls

On the cutting edge of biotechnology, scientists are crafting materials so the body can regrow chunks of bone. Doctors are identifying the first cell that spawns devastating cancers. Engineers are using micro-organisms to produce new materials for sustainable everyday furnishings. These sorts of innovations were once relegated to the U.S. coasts; now they are happening in Sioux Falls.

Businesses that specialize in biotechnology are moving from fledgling endeavors into rapid expansion. Bioscience uses biology-based techniques to solve problems in life. In Sioux Falls, the focus is primarily in medicine and energy, but biotechnology work ripples across industries. . .

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Chair's Column

Dave Kapaska The secret sauce for a great city

Again and again over the decades, the "secret sauce" of Sioux Falls has been the difference between mediocrity and greatness as leaders before us built this amazing city. What's in that sauce? We might have slightly different words for it, but I think it comes down to vision, generosity and moxie: Vision to think creatively about the future; generosity that links personal success to civic good; and moxie - courage - to act boldly.

That really defines the Chamber's dynamic role as a partner in the city's progress. I'd like to think Chamber members over time have crafted the recipe for that "secret sauce" of community and business leadership that we see playing out today in so many ways.

We see it in the frontier of biomedical research as businesses and universities in our region forge alliances that diversify our vibrant economy while opening up exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and skilled workers. . .

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NCAA DII Elite Eight tournament to cap March Madness in Sioux Falls

St. Patrick's Day Parade to be held Saturday, March 18

Community Appeals announces updated schedule

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