JUNE 4, 2018 - VOL. 54 No. 8

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Chair's Column

Sioux Falls isn´t Sioux Falls without the Chamber

By Paul Bruflat
2014-15 Chair of the Board

Paul Bruflat
Paul Bruflat
2015-16 Chair of the Board

"If you don´t know where you are going, you´ll end up someplace else." – Yogi Berra

It´s true – if you don´t know where you´re going, you might end up somewhere else. Or better stated – if you don´t plan for the type of community you want to live and work in, you´re going to end up with whatever you get. And getting whatever we get is not the way we do things in Sioux Falls.

Would Sioux Falls be the successful community that it is today without the efforts of the Chamber? You could argue that we´d still be South Dakota´s largest city and a strong economic engine for the region and the state. But without planning, collaboration and vision, would we still have those attributes that make us uniquely Sioux Falls? Would we have the same philanthropic spirit that supports the Sioux Empire United Way so that we´re second in the nation in per capita giving? Would organizations like Feeding South Dakota have such strong support from the business community without the Chamber´s Community Appeals process? Would we place as much emphasis on recruiting new businesses and helping other businesses expand? Who would study issues that affect business or serve as the voice that ensures our business climate remains strong and welcomes new investments?

I would go so far as to say that if the Chamber wasn´t here, we wouldn´t have the same Sioux Falls that we enjoy today. Take out one of the ingredients that make up a successful community and you´re going to see a difference. The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce plays a key role in helping the region map out where we´re going. We are the catalyst to bring people together to collaborate and to dream.

When I think of the Sioux Falls area, both where it´s been and where we´re headed, I´m grateful for the visionaries who came before us and am excited about the possibilities. I´m proud to be a part of an organization that has a storied history and key role in creating the community we enjoy today. I look forward to helping our organization continue to grow in the coming year.

We´re excited to celebrate our Chamber and our community at our 109th Annual Meeting, which features improv comedy group, The Second City. I encourage you to invite your staff, vendors and potential Chamber members to this year´s event. See you Oct. 20!

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