MAR. 5, 2015 - VOL. 50 No. 6

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Chair's Column

Planting a seed, growing a community

By Dana Dykhouse
2014-15 Chair of the Board

Dana Dykhouse
Dana Dykhouse
2014-15 Chair of the Board

The way business is conducted today is different than when I first started my career. Technology enables us to do so much more. Devices allow us to work from nearly anywhere and everywhere. Our market isn´t just the people in our zip code - it´s across the globe.

Technology also provides people with choices. Many jobs can be done from anywhere in the world. What´s exciting about our growing entrepreneurial culture in Sioux Falls is the number of people who choose to do their business right here.

Growing that culture doesn´t happen overnight. It´s a recipe for success that mixes the right ingredients of solid infrastructure and technological tools with a sound business-friendly environment. It´s having a community where people gather together to plan and to vision for our future. I´m grateful to the leaders of the past who have planted seeds that are now blooming.

Things like that are where the Chamber of Commerce succeeds. We help build that culture. We ensure that our community is top-notch when it comes to creating a place where all have opportunities to succeed. We gather everyone to the table for community discussions, from business to government to education.

The idea-makers...the dreamers...the doers? We´ve got plenty of those people, too – people who believe that their dreams can become reality in Sioux Falls, that they can have an impact on the world from Sioux Falls. There are people in this community working on finding cures for diseases, researching and discovering new inventions to improve humanity and finding creative ways to solve problems.

It takes a number of things working together to create a culture that people want to be a part of and want to help grow. Sioux Falls is a community where the dreamers and the status quo can work side-by-side. We have focused efforts on providing resources for entrepreneurs and invested in research and commercial opportunities to help expand our economy. We are continuing to plant seeds for the future as we harvest today´s successes.

Congratulations and thank you to our members who make our business community a better place for all through the work they do every day and by their investment in the Chamber.

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