MAY 04, 2016 - VOL. 51 No. 8

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The 2016 Legislative Session - Your Chamber´s perspective

Each year we approach the legislative session as thoughtfully and analytically as we can. We do our best to uncover the issues that will likely be prominent in the upcoming session. These issues form the foundation for our annual Legislative Platform. A well-developed platform is a lot like a battle plan and since "no battle plan survives contact with the enemy" (a quote attributed to a few people in various forms), things change as the session begins and bills emerge. Still, the process we go through prepares us for what we expect as well as the unexpected.

We certainly approached the session believing that two monumental issues would dominate the agenda Medicaid expansion and K-12 funding. With respect to Medicaid expansion, it seemed that each week during session we heard that word from the Federal government was expected "next week" regarding the provision of health services for Native Americans. As it turns out, word was not received until the seventh week of session and even then much more analysis was needed. Thus, Medicaid was not addressed during the regular run of the session. It remains to be seen if there will be a special session or if this issue will wait until 2017. . .

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30th Leadership Sioux Falls class graduates

Members of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce´s successful Leadership Sioux Falls program will graduate Wednesday, May 2, at Callaway´s - the 30th class to do so.

South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs, also a LSF graduate, will address the graduates and their guests.

The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce continues to sponsor this community development program, now in its 30th year, designed to meet the need for active participation of informed and dedicated community leaders. Main objectives of the program are: to inform and motivate participants by providing information on community resources; to identify community issues and challenges; to interact with other community leaders; and to gain a sense of community trusteeship. . .

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What does the CVB do for you?

"The CVB has been an invaluable resource for my organization (Dakota Alliance Soccer Club) in several ways. First, they have used their resources – staffing, other business relationships to help us bid for regional events, as well as statewide competitions, clinics and workshops. They have been instrumental in making the events that we host more appealing and accommodating for our out-of-town visitors. Recently, we partnered with the CVB Housing Bureau and their efforts have more than exceeded our expectations. Without the assistance of the CVB we would not have hosted as many events over the years. Their resources and guidance helped tip the favor of several bids in the direction of Sioux Falls. The by-product of their assistance is new business to the Sioux Falls community and an opportunity for parents, players, coaches and volunteers to enjoy events in their own backyard."
Frank Gurnick, Dakota Alliance Soccer Club

"As a business with limited resources, we enjoy the ‘horsepower´ provided by the CVB. Their enthusiasm for the city, knowledge of all things related to tourism and commerce, as well as their willingness and receptiveness to our needs, is vital. We are a direct benefactor of the important place this organization has in. . .

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Partnership celebrates Foundation Park

When state and local leaders wielded shovels at the groundbreaking ceremony held for Foundation Park on April 19, they were celebrating an historic moment with great promise for the Sioux Falls area economy. Already heavy equipment is moving dirt for the roads and infrastructure essential to future construction. The idea for Foundation Park began a few years ago with the call from a site selection consultant working with a company that required an extremely large tract of land for a project that had the potential to transform the Sioux Falls economy. Market conditions prevented that company from coming to our community, but the need for a site that could welcome such large projects was made apparent.

The Development Foundation called on the Governor´s Office of Economic Development, City of Sioux Falls and Forward Sioux Falls leadership with a proposal for the state´s first megasite - and our long-time partners were eager to come on board. The size of the 820-acre Foundation Park – and those partnerships - make this project a game-changer for our region. We´re working hard right now to make it happen. Foundation. . .

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