AUG. 6, 2014 - VOL. 49 No. 11

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Chair's Column

First impressions important for
our Chamber, community

By Keith Severson
2013-14 Chair of the Board

Keith Severson
Keith Severson
2013-14 Chair of the Board

The only thing constant in life is change. This issue of Chamber News marks our last in newsprint format. Next month, when you read my final monthly Chair´s Column, you´ll be holding a glossy, high-quality magazine in your hands. And if you prefer to read Chamber News online, the flipbook option will still be available.

We´re improving our format to continue to elevate the ways we share information about the Chamber of Commerce and the Sioux Falls area. Chamber News is a piece for Chamber members, but it also serves as a first impression for our new members and for people who are considering the community as their home. For our members who share news or are celebrating a ribbon cutting, we want to make sure that their information is presented in the best possible format.

More than anything, it is simply time for a change. We believe our organization and our community are top-notch. We want the impression that people have of our community to be high-class, whether they´re learning more about Sioux Falls by reading Chamber News or stepping into our offices.

The new Chamber News will feature more content and more opportunities for our members to promote their businesses and their areas of expertise. You can read more about those opportunities on page 18.

Yet some things will remain the same: our commitment to sharing our members stories and helping them connect with one another. You´ll still see Chamber and community events. You´ll be able to stay on top of emerging issues and learn more about how they affect business. And of course, there will be lots of ribbon cuttings.

I think you´ll be impressed with the changes and I encourage you to share feedback. If you´re interested in participating as an advertiser, please contact Argus Leader Media at (605) 977-3927. One of my favorite things about Sioux Falls is our philosophy that a rising tide lifts all boats. It´s why our Chamber is successful – we support our members and we all succeed. Not every community is like Sioux Falls. The culture here is that passing on your knowledge is simply the norm. I´m proud that our Chamber and our community continues to nurture programs that encourage mentorship and engage people from diverse backgrounds in learning more about the community as they learn more about each other.

There are so many opportunities to give back to the community and to share your talents – just one of the many reasons I´m happy to call Sioux Falls home.

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